Total Muscle Meal™

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Total Muscle Meal offers the ultimate meal replacement formula which will provide all the nutrients you require from a meal in one convenient and delicious tasting shake. It is specifically designed for those who lead a hectic lifestyle or are continually on the go and find it difficult to fit in all their meals.

Each serving contains a massive hit of protein, supplied through a tapered release blend which ensures your muscles are drip-fed amino acids for a prolonged period of time. Working alongside this, the carbs provide a slow, steady release of energy that will last for hours.

Total Muscle Meal also contains a small amount of healthy essential fats from the addition of flaxseed and MCT oil. Healthy fats assist a number of important bodily functions. We have also included a blend of vitamins & minerals for good measure to help replicate the nutrients found in a normal meal.


  • All-in-one meal replacement
  • Slow & steady energy release
  • Quality tapered protein blend
  • Added vitamins & minerals
  • Never miss a meal again