About Us

Here at Hench Nutrition, we pride ourselves on being different. Our aims are very genuine and our sales approach is a very open and honest one, we are here to offer specialist products along with expert advice and provide help whenever we can. We are not in the least bit interested in selling you the next 'wonder product' that promises you everything you're looking for in just a few servings, as such a product does not and will not ever exist. Our focus is in bringing you a large range of premium quality products that offer results that will help you achieve your fitness goals whatever they may be.
At our 14,000 sq ft factory (based in Norwich) we manufacture the vast majority of all our products in-house using only the finest raw ingredients from trusted suppliers. We have invested in pharmaceutical grade production lines and specialist equipment, enabling us to offer an exciting and innovative range of products to our customers.
We also strongly believe that quality nutrition should be affordable to everyone who chooses to lead a healthier life, so we aim to offer our products to you at the lowest prices we possibly can without compromising quality. So don't be tricked into thinking that just because our products cost less, they must be inferior to those of a higher price. The reason we are able to offer you such low prices is that we buy in bulk and choose to sell direct to our customers - not using distributors or any other third parties that would otherwise increase the selling price. Another benefit of this direct approach is that we are able to ensure you receive the very best in service, advice and after-sales customer care on every order.

We offer you the right fuel and the inspiration to go out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Registered Office: Hench Nutrition Ltd, 3A Twickenham Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 6NG, United Kingdom. Email: enquiries@henchnutrition.com
Registered in England & Wales. Company No 07830581. VAT No 122818625.